Happy 13 Weeks Adam

Happy 13 Weeks Adam! 13 weeks!? That was fast! You are a smiley, cloth diaper wearing (YES that is a Mickey Mouse cloth diaper!), sweet smelling, EBF, bundle of sweet love! You make me so warm and fuzzy inside! The Continue reading Happy 13 Weeks Adam

Happy 10 Weeks Adam

Happy 10 Weeks Adam! You make our world a brighter place by just being in it! You got to spend you 9th-10th week with Lennie! Your mama and her mama best friends for many many years and now they are Continue reading Happy 10 Weeks Adam

Happy 9 Weeks Adam

Happy 9 Weeks Adam! Having you in our lives is such a huge blessing! We kinda like having you around, a lot! You uncle Aiven loves you & it is quite adorable to see him with you! Can’t wait till Continue reading Happy 9 Weeks Adam

Snuza Hero

Back in 2008 our lives were forever changed when we lost an infant we cared for and loved dearly to SIDS. He was 15 weeks old. What a tremendous shock and blow to his parents and everyone who loves him! Continue reading Snuza Hero

Happy 8 Weeks Adam

Happy 8 weeks Adam. And what a life and heart filling and changing 8 weeks it has been! Nanna loves you more than life itself! We just love spending time with Adam! He is growing so fast and we don’t Continue reading Happy 8 Weeks Adam

Happy 7 Weeks Adam

Happy 7 weeks Adam! What a busy time your 7th week has been! Our family went on “vacation” on June 11th. And by vacation I mean back to Arizona, where we are from to visit everyone and introduce Adam to Continue reading Happy 7 Weeks Adam

Happy 5 weeks Adam

Happy 5 Weeks Adam! Wow 5 sweet weeks of having you in our lives! It has been so amazing to be able to see you change and grow the last 5 weeks. It has been amazing to witness your mommy Continue reading Happy 5 weeks Adam

Fishing With Adam

Spending our morning at Fernan Lake catching fish after fish was such an awesome way to start the day! Fishing with Adam. Okay, my daughter wearing Adam in a Moby and fishing was an absolute priceless sight to see! As Continue reading Fishing With Adam

My Heart Knows No Limit

Adam, There are not enough words to explain this love I feel for you. I often wondered how I would feel when my children had children. I wondered how I could possibly love a child with this much depth that Continue reading My Heart Knows No Limit