Prayer For My Grandchildren

To my precious grandson
Close your eyes sweet baby and dream without a care. The Lord will keep you safe and warm in times when no one’s there.
I pray you’ll hear His angels singing softly in your ear, of His love and great protection against whatever you may fear.
I pray each day you’ll find the strength for each battle to be won, as you learn to trust His wisdom on this journey you’ve begun.
May you always see the miracles that He sends you every day through the smallest acts of kindness you encounter on your way.
And never waste a moment wishing life was not unfair. Please trust instead, God has a plan and answers every prayer.
You may not get, just what you want, we all must give and take. Perhaps in those times my dear, God’s answer is to just wait.
Please be patient, kind and loving to the world, everyone and foe and God’s blessing will come back to you, I promise this I know.
You see I’ve prayed for miracles and another one has come true. It happened on that glorious day when God brought us you!
Nanna loves you!

Thank you God for this and every blessing in our lives!
God you have blessed me indeed as the child I love has had a child I love with all that is within me.
I pray that in your mercy you watch over and protect my grandchildren as you have always done for me and my own children.
May their lives be long, full and healthy.
May they have the courage to always believe in you father and to always follow their dreams.
When the day comes when I am no longer on Earth with them, may they look back upon me with fond memories and may they never forget that they were and always will be deeply loved by me.

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