Meet the Family

Meet the faces behind The Nanna Chronicles!

I am nanna! Otherwise known as Kelly and my most important title COE (chief of everything!) I am a cook (aka personal chef), accountant, photographer, personal shopper, spiritual adviser, stylist, secretary, taxi driver, housekeeper, handyman, event planner, teacher, psychologist, judge, or should I keep it short and sum it all up in 1 word, MOM!

Okay okay, actually I am a business owner, author and life coach! I change lives and diapers and I love it!

I am so not a huge fan of solo photos of myself. In fact it is quite a rare occasion that you will find me without the kids surrounding me in any pictures but for the sake of things I will post this 1 on here.

My oldest daughter is Asarias. She is married to my son in law, Aaron! These 2 are expecting their 1st child, a boy, in late April. She is currently a student and studying psychology with a concentration in family & child services. She also works an office job in corporate America. My dream for her is to be able to be a stay at home mama and business owner and never miss a beat of her son’s heart! Aaron is in the medical field impacting lives 1 dialysis at a time preparing to become an R.N. in his field.

My 2nd daughter is Anaya. She is currently completing her schooling in the carpentry trade and is planning to continue her education and adding electrical trade to her list of accomplishments. She plans to move somewhere in WA state or Oregon when she is done which will be sometime this year. She is dating but not in the settle down mode just yet. And surprisingly enough, her boyfriends name starts with A!

My 3rd daughter is Alena. She is graduating high school this year where she is a competition cheerleader and was just accepted into WSU (GO Cougs!) where she will study business and entrepreneurship this fall. She is not dating at the moment and stated she is feeling some pressure to filter out all guys that she talks to unless their name starts with an A! Haha!

My 4th daughter is Ariah. She is currently a freshman in high school. She likes volleyball and cheer-leading and has plans to go to college to become a hygienist or dentist when she is done with high school.

My 5th daughter is Alexa. She is in elementary school and loves cheer-leading, baking and babies. She wants to open her own bakery when she grows up called Lexi’s Cakes.

My 1 and only son is Aiven. He is also in elementary school and loves wrestling and building stuff. He is all boy and is quite excited to be having another boy added to the family!

And last but not least Baby A. Look at that face! That adorable nose, sideways mouth from having his hands all in his face. He even has hair already! Melts my heart looking at him…

Being a large family has so many ups and of course an occasional down but all in all it is so fun and we can’t wait to have our family grow by 1 more in the next few weeks!




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