Maternity Photo Shoot

When we 1st moved to Nine Mile Falls,WA from AZ leaving behind all the family & friends was harder than I can ever put into words. When you leave somewhere you have lived all your life, you start over from Continue reading Maternity Photo Shoot

Essential Oils

Over the last few months I have been reading all this info on essential oils. It started when I met a lady and we started talking about the use of oils to assist with behavior in young children as we Continue reading Essential Oils

Time is Flying

Wasn’t it just the New Year!? Didn’t we just have months left before Baby A expected date of arrival? Time flies when you are having fun they say! And watching my daughter’s belly grow, her glow get brighter, seeing my Continue reading Time is Flying

Baby Shower Fun

Baby shower for Baby A on Saturday March 28th was an absolute blast! My daughter is glowing! She looked so beautiful that day (and every day of course!) as we celebrated that life growing inside of her… You can see Continue reading Baby Shower Fun

Birth Photographer

Pretty sure Asarias has known she wanted a birth photographer for her births before she even conceived. Have you seen the pictures and moments that birth photographers capture? They are enough to melt the toughest of hearts! With the 6 Continue reading Birth Photographer

Hospital Tour

Spending time touring the hospital with my daughter and her husband where they will bring my grandson in the world was such a neat experience! Pulling into the parking lot brought on so much joy and emotion, however walking thru Continue reading Hospital Tour

Pregnancy Announcement

How did you announce you were pregnant to the world or that special circle of people in your life? Was there social media around back then where you could do something cool and then post for everyone to see? Pretty Continue reading Pregnancy Announcement

The Baby Thinker

I’m sure you have seen all the awesome sonogram pictures floating around the internet of babies doing unique and awesome stuff in the womb! I mean we watched Baby A do some pretty cute and funny things each time we Continue reading The Baby Thinker

Baby Shower

It’s that time friends! Time for the baby shower to celebrate/bless this little guy and his parents! Why does this exciting day bring on a little bit of sad emotion…Oh ya because we are so far from all our family Continue reading Baby Shower

Baby’s 1st Selfie

This my friends is my grandson’s 1st selfie with his parents and a small part of his crazy family & the amazing ultrasound tech at Sweet Pea Imagery in November 2014 when he was just a skinny baby able to Continue reading Baby’s 1st Selfie