So about that week to week thing

Here we are in March 2016 already! WOW!

Happy 46 weeks Adam!

I had every intention of posting a weekly update of Adam with a breakdown of his life and a picture but I have found being a nanna is much more fun than writing about it weekly and honestly have just been so busy enjoying Adam and my children and the holidays and the beautiful place we call home that I haven’t touched any of my blogs, eeek!

So instead of weekly updates I should rename that category to “when I get around to it” haha!

Oh Adam…Being his nanna= BLESSING! I cannot express how amazing this grandparent journey is! Nothing can prepare our hearts for becoming a grandparent or prepare it for all the love and happiness it will hold as your grandchild grows. Miraculous really.

Adam and Nanna
Adam and Nanna

Today Adam is almost 11 months old! Ya…11 months. Birth to 11 months so it seems. He is amazing! He is FUN! He is LOVE! He is beyond adorable! He has had his 1st haircut. He is still breastfed although he eats everything we do.He is standing, climbing, cruising, melting his nanna’s heart, still army crawls because I guess he feels it is faster.He is a little man who knows what he wants and has no problem letting you know. He knows sign language, lil genius he is. He says so many words, dada and mama of course but he also has unique names for his aunties and his uncle “Bubba”. He is still working on auntie Anaya’s names, Alena is “Lala”, Ariah is “RyeRuh”, and Alexa is “GeeGee”. He says “Micckkeeey” because he LOVES Mickey Mouse. He still hasn’t said “Nanna”…I am guessing he will just come up with his own name for me too. And I am so overly excited to see what it will be!

This baby boy is surrounded by a family that loves him so very much! He has blessed each 1 of our lives in ways we can’t even wrap our heads around! Adam Benjamin, we love you to the moon and back baby boy!

My Everything!
My Everything!

Till next time! And no, I have no idea when that will be, haha!

Love, Adam’s Nanna


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