Happy 4th of July

Adam’s 1st 4th of July!

Asarias has her best friend from childhood here visiting with her infant daughter for the week before and of the 4th. This is the 1st time they have been able to spend time together since her friend Jamie lives in CO with her daughter Lennox.

I remember seeing them grow up together as teens and now I get to see them be moms together and what a neat experience! The babies are still too young to remember hanging out but we took plenty of pictures to document their time together.

We spent our 4th at downtown Coeur d’alene! We set up our pop up, chairs, food and fun and had an absolute blast! We had some friends come meet us down there to eat and watch the fireworks on the beach later that night.

To be downtown CDA for a celebration like this is almost movie like. You know the small towns where everyone gets together and celebrates together for a day and night of fun!? So many people with their friends and families eating with music playing Frisbee and ball. the beach filled with many people floating, building sandcastles and just enjoying each others company!

As the sun sets everyone heads to the beach for the firework show over the water, talk about breathtaking! The show is right in front of you and just keeps going! SO many oooos and ahhs! So much awesome!


Many moments make me beyond grateful for where we live but 4th of July here is 1 of those moments that brings tears to you eyes as it’s just so amazing!

Adam you are so blessed to be able to grow up in this small city full of love and beauty!

Happy 4th of July everyone!

Where do you live and what is the 4th of July celebrations like there?




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