Love Is Love

Love is Love.

Really nothing else to it. Simple enough.

Spent the morning at PRIDE at G.O. Phippeny Park in Coeur d’ Alene, ID with the sweetest people, live music, good food, fun stuff for the kids to do including being interviewed and enjoying the sunshine!

Adam was a hit! Photographers taking his pictures, people ooo-ing and ahh-ing over his cuteness and the adorable shirt his crafty mama made him!

Maybe it’s just because I am his nanna, but look at that face, that smile, those cheeks! Adorable!

Adam, God has amazing things in store for you and your life! I pray that He keeps your heart and mind open to Him, all He wants to show you, to love, how He knit each of us in our mothers wombs and how He doesn’t make junk! And so much more. Nanna loves you!

In case you want your own “Love is Love” shirt

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