Auntie Graduated

Auntie Alena graduated high school today.

My 3rd child has now graduated high school. That makes half of them graduates and I have 3 more to go.

I can’t help but think back to when they were just babies and to spend time deep in thought about the years that have gone by oh so quickly. I look at my 3 younger children I have at home, 1 of them just 3 years away from that high school diploma and the 2 little have quite a few years left. I do know however how fast the years can fly by. I wish that I could bottle up all the moments that melted my heart, made me smile, and even the moments that I quietly slipped away to take a shower only so I could cry without being heard or seen when parenting got the best of me.

I try my best to make the best of the moments each day and for the most part I lay my head on my pillow at night and know I’ve done my best and have enjoyed the day I was blessed with and then there are the other type of days. Honestly there are those days when I am counting the minutes till I can curl up into my bed and make the day go away. After all, I am only human and this solo parenting stuff is hard at times.

I am so grateful to be able to watch Asarias and Aaron be parents. I am in awe of how she “gets” this parenting thing now. To hear her speak about how fast the last weeks have flew by I smile because I know exactly how she feels. I smile because I see her making the best of each day with Adam and making the choices she does to be in his every moment of life. I smile because 1 day he will be graduating from high school and she will feel that tremendous amount of pride, love and satisfaction of being Adam’s mom and being in her sons life and living each day the best she could with him. I cry because I also know how heavy it feels to see them grow up and grow their wings so they can fly and make lives of their own.

I can only pray that I am blessed with enough years of life to be sitting by her side at his graduation crying with her.

Alena’s graduation speech.

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