Happy 4 Weeks


Happy 4 weeks Adam!

Who is this big boy?

How has he gotten so big so fast!?

Already holding up his head, awake most of the day, sleeping good at night, fights naps because he is worried he is going to miss something!

1 month of being a nanna and I wonder what my life and heart was like before Adam was born!

I want to give him the world and I never want to miss a day of his life!

Adam you are quite addicting my lil nugget of a grandson!

1 month of watching my daughter be a mom has been 1 of the most amazing things ever! My heart swells at the sight of her being Adam’s mommy. She is far more amazing at this than I could have ever imagined! She and her hubs are rockin this parenting thing!

Adam is growing and getting so chubby! He is exclusively breastfed, and she pumps milk to donate to other babies in need.Super Mama!

He is cloth diapered in the most adorable cloth diapers I have ever seen! Let me just add, cloth diapers have come A LONG WAY since I tried to cloth diaper my oldest 2 over 22 and 20 years ago! No more pins and plastic pants. Now it is adorable prints with inserts, who knew!?

He is the happiest baby ever! And the smiles he has on his face all the time the last 4 weeks is proof!


Damn, how did we get so lucky!?


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